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Juni’s Darak Workroom is a professional shop where it plans, develops, produces, and sells ball-jointed dolls.

A year-long preparation was made from 2011 and a personal blog on ball-jointted dolls was launched on August 2012.

Moreover, in 2013, Darak Workroom has tied up with the country’s best stop motion doll animation company, FFANGO Entertoyment, where various characters and BJ.D related stop motion animations are being produced.

Since May 2013, Darak Workroom is trying to reach out to other parts of the world through its Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese website.

Juni’s Darak Workroom is…

A company composed of several professional artists where the artists only make 100% handmade products.

These artists create carefully crafted dolls under 60-watt light bulb and sunshine reached darak workroom (attic).

We will always challenge ourselves to produce new and creatively designed products for our customers.

DARAK profile

2011 – Opening of personal blog

2012 – Released the first doll, ‘Remi’ in December

2012 – Released the second doll, ‘Cemi’ in December

2013 – Released 30cm ‘Claire’ in February

2013 – Released 26cm ‘Siu’ in April

2013 – Released 26cm ‘Juni’ in May

FFANGO profile

2001 – Established FFANGO company

2001 – Produced Samsung Electronics corporation's advertisement (Doll animation)

2003 – Changed to FFANGO Entertoyment, Inc.

2004 – Produced dolls for the movie, “The Doll Master” (Official ball-jointed doll manufacturer)

2005 – Produced Seo Taiji’s kubrick doll

2005 – Produced Seo Taiji’s wax doll

2007 – Awarded ‘Excellent Korean Character’ by a Culture Contents Institute

2008 – Produced ‘Kuru-Kuru and Friends,’ a doll animation

2009 – Produced ‘DOMO-KUN,’ a Japanese NHK doll

2009 – Produced dolls for a join film among Japan, Russia, and Korea called Cheburashka

2011 – Produced Meritz Fire, ‘Concerned Doll’

2012 – Produced ‘Rainbow Tree,’ a joint film with China’s China Film Group


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